TRAVERTINE is a stone resulting from hot spring water percolating up through underground limestone (marble). The characteristic holes in travertine are the result of trapped air bubbles. Travertines are generally beige, brown or golden tones and can even lean towards the peaches and reds. Many travertines come filled, meaning the surface is filled with a cement based product to eliminate the appearance of holes. Many holes appearing in the “raw” stone will most likely fill with grout during installation.

SLATE is a metamorphic stone formed in layers.  It is extremely slip resistant and may flake off a bit, known as shaling. Shaling is part of the natural beauty of slate. The vibrant colors and irregular textures of slate contribute to the overall appearance and beauty of the stone.

ONYX is a metamorphic stone closely related to agate, a semi-precious stone. Onyx is translucent and generally has a layered appearance. Like marble, onyx exhibits the same characteristics of potentially showing surface scratches and wear patterns. This patina is part of the natural beauty of the stone. 

MARBLE/LIMESTONE is a stone with high carbonate contents and a variety of calcites, typically with smooth flowing patterns. Characteristics of appearance include veins, bands, streaks and clouds. The surface of marble is not as hard as granite, and therefore may wear over time. Heavy foot traffic may cause surface scratches that create a natural patina on the face of the marble. This is considered part of the natural beauty of the stone.

GRANITE is an igneous rock with visible crystalline textures; mostly comprised of feldspar, silicates, mica and quartz. One of the hardest and most dense stones available, granite’s high compressive strength and durability make it an ideal choice for versatile flooring, countertop installations and heavily used surfaces. It gets the variety of bold colors and veining patterns from minerals, and is one of the least absorbent stones and not easily scratched.


Natural stone is the right choice in many applications. For example: soapstone is used for labs or fireplace surrounds and holds heat for many hours. Marble is selected for it's beauty and for tempering chocolate in gourmet kitchens. Contact us to view our hundreds of stone options and a beautiful stone display wall covered with 12"x12" stone cuts.